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Making the Changes You Need to Your Divorce Decree

Life constantly changes and, in some cases, your situation can change so drastically that it warrants a modification of your divorce decree. You can modify your child custody and visitation order, your spousal support order, and your child support order. However, unless fraud was somehow involved, you cannot modify property or asset division.

At Full Circle Family Law, our divorce team is committed to helping clients obtain the modifications they need to accommodate the changes life frequently undergoes. Our knowledgeable Murray divorce modification lawyers will effectively represent your interests.

Can Divorce Decrees Be Amended?

If you and your former spouse can reach an agreement regarding the modifications you are seeking, you can forego a lengthy litigation process. However, you must still seek the court’s approval to ensure the changes are enforceable. You do not want to rely on a verbal agreement. Otherwise, you risk running into some legal troubles if your ex-spouse has a change of heart. If you cannot reach an agreement with your former spouse, you can petition the court for a modification. We can help you navigate every step of the divorce decree modification process.

Divorce Decree Terms That Can Be Modified

Spousal Support

You may request a reduction in spousal support payments if you involuntarily:

  • Took a pay cut
  • Lost your job
  • Experienced a significant change in your financial situation
  • The change is not temporary

Child Support

If you need an increase or a decrease in child support payments, you must also prove a significant change in your financial circumstances.

Child Custody Modifications

Salt Lake City Child Custody Modifications

As was the case when the initial custody order was issued, a judge will render decisions regarding modifications of custody based on the best interests of the children.

Your circumstances or your former spouse’s circumstances must have substantially changed, making your current arrangement impractical or difficult to comply with. We can help ensure that you make modifications to your divorce agreement that suit your needs and position you for the future.

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