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Adoption is a big decision that changes the lives of everyone involved forever. Whether you are bringing a new child into your life or adopting your spouse’s child, adoption is a fulfilling experience that can tighten existing familial bonds or create new ones.

At Full Circle Family Law, we understand how important this process is and how essential it is that it goes smoothly. An experienced Murray adoption attorney can guide you every step of the way. Our family law attorneys can provide the support and advice you need.

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What Are the Requirements for Adoption in Utah?

Every adoption is unique, but the general adoption requirements in Utah are:

  • You must be married (in limited circumstances, single individuals may adopt subject to additional qualifications);
  • You must be at least 10 years older than the adoptee; 
  • You must not have been convicted of certain disqualifying felonies.

Do I Have to Be Married to Adopt?

Do I Have to Be Married to Adopt?

Utah allows adoption by single individuals in limited circumstances. An unmarried individual may not adopt if he or she is cohabitating in a relationship (unless the adoptive parent is a relative of the adoptee or the placement is recognized under ICWA).

Utah will attempt to place a child with a married couple and will only look to a single individual if there are no qualified married couples willing to adopt and the single individual is an appropriate placement, and the placement is in the child’s best interest.

If a married couple chooses to adopt, both spouses must consent to adopting the child. If the adoptive potential parent is single, he or she may not be in a cohabiting relationship when pursuing an adoption.

Step-Parent Adoption

Although adopting one’s stepchild is a less complex legal process, there are still a considerable number of obstacles to overcome. If the child’s other birth parent will not consent to the adoption, you must take the matter to court and prove that either the parent is unfit or that he or she abandoned the child.

If the other birth parent does not have a close relationship with the child and wishes to be relieved of certain parental obligations, you might be able to obtain consent more easily. Once the other parent consents to the adoption, his or her parental rights will be terminated. As a result, you and your spouse are not obligated to allow him or her access to the child.

Adoption Laws & Processes

State law legally requires prospective parents to engage in a thorough adoption screening process before finalizing an adoption. A Murray attorney can provide vital assistance with every step of the adoption process. 

In most cases, the adoptive parent will need to obtain background checks from BCI (Utah agency), FBI (Federal agency) and DCFS to ensure there are no disqualifying felony convictions or supported findings of child abuse or neglect.

When two parents are adopting an infant, they must have a qualified social worker come to their home and do both pre and post placement home studies to ensure the environment is safe and in the child’s best interest.

Discuss Your Adoption Case With a Knowledgeable Murray Attorney

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