State law requires parents to support their children, regardless of whether they are married or have ever lived together. When you are navigating a custody battle or legal action regarding parentage, the question of child support will likely come up.

Child support laws and requirements are complex, making it challenging for parents to advocate for themselves during legal negotiations. A Murray child support lawyer knows how courts calculate payments and could help you understand your rights. Instead of handling this burden by yourself, call on the trained legal advisers from Full Circle Family Law for support.

Calculating Child Support

State law requires parents to financially support their children. If the parents are not living together, this assistance might mean one parent providing monthly payments to the other parent for the children’s benefit. State courts calculate child support obligations by determining either party’s income, the number of children at issue, and how much time the children spend at each parent’s home.

Parents provide the court with financial information and a child support calculator worksheet. Each parent must verify their figures by providing copies of bank statements or pay stubs and tax returns to show their monthly income.

Child support calculations can be confusing and frustrating for parents, especially if one parent feels their ex-spouse is not contributing enough. A child support lawyer in Murray could provide insight into the nuanced laws at play and explain the practical implications of a judge’s decision, helping a family secure an outcome that suits their needs.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

In most cases, Utah Code § 30-3-10.5 requires people to pay child support on the first of the month. Someone who fails to do so may have to pay interest, in addition to back payments on the child support they owe. Either parent may be able to make changes to a child support order, but they need to get permission from a judge before they deviate from the court’s initial decision.

If a parent fails to pay the total amount of child support they owe or does not do so on time, they impact the other parent’s ability to provide for their child. In these circumstances, the recipient parent can file a motion to enforce the previous child support order and hold the paying parent accountable for failing to follow through. In some cases, the court may impose fines or even send someone to jail for not paying court-ordered child support.

Legal action can be a powerful step to help parents get the financial assistance they need to raise their children. An attorney in Murray could file a motion to enforce a child support order, taking every possible step to secure the payments that children need.

Call a Murray Child Support Attorney for Support

Child care, medical and dental costs, and educational fees all play a role in how much financial support a parent needs to raise their children. During child support negotiations, it can be difficult to keep calm and understand what is within your legal rights or obligations. A trained family law attorney could help ease these burdens and advocate on your behalf throughout your child support case.

Our attorneys have years of experience in family law matters and are well-respected in their fields. We take a proactive and measured approach to ensuring our clients and their children are set up for success. Contact a Murray child support lawyer at Full Circle Family Law today to schedule a consultation.